Castles of Burgundy and Not Only

Burgundy is so beautiful... A narrow road breezes through the emerald hills,  colorful rags of vineyards remain somewhere in the valley. Suddenly you see a cloud, a lake, a tower. You see the clearest ponds with golden fish, and the reflection of multi-colored tiles in the water. Time has stopped here. You will want to throw a stone into the water in order to understand that it is not a mirage. Away from glitz of Paris, Burgundy can be described in one word: serenity.


By the way, speaking of meals, visits to traditional weekly French markets is a must. I especially recommend it to the guests of The Pink Stone House tour.

There is a BBQ area and a large table in the private garden of the house. Plump tomatoes, baguette... break it with a crunch, with crumbs. Then you can cook a beef stewed in a local wine with a rosemary; or sweet potatoes tossed in French olive oil, cumin seeds and oregano. Or you can add delicious French cheese with a green salad of lettuce and raw spinach and watercress with garlic and bread croutons...Then treat yourself with a little dessert of local strawberries with caramel beurre salé (mmm!!!).

We can always take you to local markets to buy armfuls of new thin green shoots of asparagus and little potatoes in fragile skins. And of course the wines of Burgundy:)

It is time to eat outside and enjoy it!

For those who still visualize the crunch of a crusty baguette in the garden: hey, you know life is still better:)

These are best gastronomic memories not remotely like in the restaurants, even good ones or other such venues, genuinely wonderful and authentic.  We call it happiness when we laugh in the kitchen.


Just book your happiness:)