I know Florence, the owner of an amazing 19-th century mansion which previously was a Catholic girls' school. Each of the eight guest rooms is different but absolutely beautiful: four-meter-high ceilings, marble steps and huge mirrors in bronze frames above the fireplaces, very comfortable beds. French windows lead to a riot of pale pink peonies and roses in the garden. In the small pond the goldfish flicker.

There are deckchairs for those who decide to change their noble pallor to a Burgundy tan.

Incredibly airy interiors. In the mornings Florence serves a royal breakfast, probably the best breakfast in your life. She serves it in an airy dining room full of morning light. You will leave you heart to this long, about 10 meters, neatly tiled table with a choice of eggs cooked in different ways, apple pies, fresh juices, pancakes with homemade jams served in crystal jars. Each jam is made by Florence with love: of wild oranges, apricots, pears, figs, etc. The host herself picks up berries and fruits in her garden or buys them from the neighbors. . Do you need milk in your tea, darling? Coffee?  

Mmm, the most delicious croissants in your life, honestly.

You understand the kings who had breakfast at such tables and lazily watched the sunbeams in the gilded mirrors. Why to hurry? The whole world will wait!

4 nights. Royal breakfast is included in your stay. Minimum number of guests: three.


A great option for a romantic getaway or a pre-wedding party.


Wine tasting in the best wine estates, walks through the vineyards, private degustations and castle visits. Picnic with a basket and champagne.

I highly recommend to wear light romantic dresses and straw hats here. It is an ideal place to propose to your beloved one! If you have already done so, just say again how you love her:)


Total price of the "Crystals and Bronze" tour: 1350 euro per person