Have you ever woken up in a French house where the morning light graciously makes its way through the slits of wooden shutters? If not, then close your eyes, and imagine a wonderful house of pinkish stone, with white shutters and openwork balcony railings. The wooden terrace of the second floor is already filled with sunshine, and it is so nice to step barefoot into the outdoors. Birds and squirrels with all their vitality call the garden home and feast on feeders full of nuts.

Smiling, you go downstairs. Crisp, tasty French baguette cannot be simply put on the table without breaking a piece. Coffee. Indolently comes the idea that it would be nice to take a walk to the traditional weekly market with a wicker basket. Local sellers love your accent and remind you of your childhood years: they all want to feed you:). You need to call your mom or grandmother and say how you love them. Then you return home through a narrow street, walking on the sunny side; all the same freckles, but in a hat you look like a Frenchwoman.

In the house people are already awake and swim noisily in the pool. And you come to the stained glass window in the living room, all filled with the amber light of Burgundy sun, and you want to love the whole world.


Awesome French house in the heart of the southern Burgundy.

Four bedrooms with double-beds 180x200, one bedroom with three single beds. Three bathrooms. Living room with a fireplace, library, well-equipped kitchen. Private garden, barbeque area, terrace and a big swimming pool with sun loungers (depending on season).

5 nights. At least for 5 guests.


We offer wine tasting in the best wine estates of the region, in the vineyards or wine cellars. Also we will take you to visit several Burgundian castles in the neighborhood where you will try the best wine as well:)

It is the ideal way to live French life when after lunch you can fall asleep under the mulberry tree and wake up to a glass of chardonnay. Life is beautiful!

Fantastic place for a beautiful relaxing holiday.


The price of the tour "The Pink Stone House" is 1700 euro per person.