What kind of wine tasting do I suggest?

First, forget about visiting large wine cellars with lots of tourists.

I am happy to be personally acquainted with big names in Burgundy, and you will never find these names on the label of bad wine.

Wine tasting can be carried out by a modest-looking person whose origin will be revealed only by a ring with a family coat of arms. Other winemakers have a family history rooted in the depths of time. The French revolution did not spare their castle but the family took stones from the ruins and built a house and a chapel in a vineyard in Southern Burgundy. You have seen the picture of this famous house many times on the wine list at good restaurants.

Secondly, wine tasting can be done in the heart of Mercurey and Mersault vineyards. You will enjoy not only the best wines in the world but also the stunning landscapes.


White or red, wine is so good. Citrus notes, or leather, or black pepper and spices? Or maybe dried fruits, no, hmm, it was crushed red berries, as if crushed in a wooden mortar...

As one charismatic winemaker from Bouzeron says, sometimes you just need to become a happy idiot and turn off your head, and it is then that the whole palette of great wine will open to you.

Be sure to try the best wine and become happy:)